Self Reliance Club

Rockford Illinois Chapter, Est. July 2014

Encouraging increased self-reliance and independence
through sharing of information, skills and resources.


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Self Reliance Club future meetings:

March 2019 Meeting
Disaster Response
Learn how to prepare for and respond to disasters.
When: Saturday March 9, 2019 from 10AM to 12PM
Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Building
620 N Alpine Road at the corner of Rural, Rockford. (779-203-0451)

Introduction to Emergency Management IEMA
Plant spacing in pots (.pdf)

Saychelle water filter information (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Email Archive

How to Analyze and Use Conference Reports - Hunter
Self Reliance Fifth Sunday (.pdf)

Rockford First Ward Plan-updated 2017 under revision (.pdf)
Stake Plan (.pdf)

Hort 277 plant list (.xls)
Gardening Workshop 7-Ps (.pdf)
Dates to start seed (.xls)
Arizona Master Gardener Manual Link
Cornell Master Composter Manual (.pdf)

Blessings of a generous fast offering (.doc)

Ezra Taft Benson Institute Manuals and Information

Self Reliance Club Meeting History (.pdf)
Self Reliance Club Documents, Links and Recipes
Be your own doctor with herbs (.mp3)
Herbal Legacy Website
Full School of Natural Healing Publications
Emergency Preparedness Handbook R1 new (.pdf) (27Mb)

YW Camp preparation Plants and Herbs #1 (.pdf)
Lords Law of Health WOW for HP lesson #2 (.pdf)
Senior (Male) Health 101 #3 (.pdf)

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