Self Reliance Club Documents and Links

Encouraging increased self-reliance and independence
through sharing of information, skills and resources.


Self Reliance Club Documents

7 P's of Gardening Workshop Handout(.txt)
Apple Cider USDA (.pdf)
Seagrams Cider Press Plans (.pdf)
TMEN cider press plans (.pdf)
diy cider press (.pdf)
Dates to Start Seed Calculator - old version (.xls)
Dandelion Medicinal link
SRC 8 slideshow (.pdf)
Basics of Struvite, Red Worms and Biogas (.pdf)
Fruit Tree Grafting link (.pdf)
Hoop House Happiness (.pdf)
72 hour kit checklist Utah and FEMA (.pdf)
72_hour_kit about org (.pdf)
Suture Workshop (.docx)
Byrons Bee Files (.zip)

Recipes Section

Beef Jerky (.txt)
Great Granola (.txt)
Simple Home Remedies (.pdf)
Butter Bars (.pdf)
Honey Oat Bread (.pdf)
Flatbread Indian style (.pdf)
caramel recipe (.txt)
Spinach Brownies (.pdf)
Rhubarb Cake Recipe (.pdf)
Miriams enchiladas and sauce (.pdf)
Cheesy Enchilada Rice Skillet (.pdf)
poppy seed chicken (.pdf)
Chocolate Cobbler (.pdf)
Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles (.pdf)
Bread and Butter Pickles 1 (3 recipes) (.pdf)
Hootenanny Pancakes (.pdf)

Water Purification and Storage Section

2006_09_14_faq_fs emergency disinfection drinkingwater 2006 (.pdf)
5813-100 service bulletins - Clorox (.pdf)
How to Choose a Water Filter (.pdf)
HTH Super Shock N Swim MSDS (.pdf)
Magnesium-Sulfate MSDS (.pdf)
Ca(ClO)2 card (.xls)
Home Made Berkey Water Filter (.pdf)
Pros and Cons of Popular Water Storage Containers (.pdf)
Make you own Full Strength Bleach from Pool Shock (.pdf)

Self Reliance Club Links

Disaster News, Future Scenarios, Preparedness and Survival
information on slingshots
Vegetable growing cheat sheet
Cocoa Powder Information
Scionwood collection and storage
Propagating Clonal Rootstocks
Grafting and Propagating Fruit Trees
Grafting Apple & Pear Trees in the Home Orchard
Homestead Oriented Plans from Extension (Byron Nielson)