Self-Reliance Principles and Lessons

Principles and Lessons to achieve greater self-reliance.


Self-Reliance Newsletters

Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 4 No. 1 Sept 2017 (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 4 No. 2 Oct 2017 (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 4 No. 3 Nov 2017 (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 4 No. 4 Dec 2017 (.pdf)

Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 5 No. 1 Jan 2018 (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 5 No. 2 Feb 2018 (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 5 No. 3 Mar 2018 (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Newsletter Vol 5 No. 4 June 2018 (.pdf)

Volume 3 - Booklet 3 - Education for Better Work

Chapter 1 The Glory of God Is Intelligence (.pdf)
Chapter 2 Prepare for Success (.pdf)
Chapter 3 Understand the Job Market (.pdf)
Chapter 4 Evaluate Your Training Options (.pdf)

Volume 2 - Booklet 2 - My Job Search Booklet Chapters

1 - How to find the right job opportunities (.pdf)
2 - How do I present myself with convincing power (.pdf)
3 - How do I access the Hidden job market (.pdf)
4 - How do I stand out as the clear choice (.pdf)
5 - How do I accelerate my job search (.pdf)
6 - How do I excel on the job and continue to succeed (.pdf)
7 - What are my biggest job challenges right now (.pdf)

Volume 1 - Booklet 1 - My Foundations: Principles, Skills and Habits Booklet Chapters

Self-Reliance Principle 1 Exercise Faith in Jesus Christ(.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 2 Use Time Wisely (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 3 Be Obedient (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 4 Manage Money (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 5 Work: Take Responsibility (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 6 Solve Problems (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 7 Become One, Work Together (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 8 Communicate: Petition and Listen (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 9 Perserve (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 10 Show Integrity (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 11 Seek Learning and Education (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Principle 12 Stay on Task, Receive Ordinances, Go Forward and Serve (.pdf)

Self-Reliance Presentation (.pdf)
The Blessing of Work (.pdf)
Work and Self Reliance - Grant (.pdf)
New member discussions self-reliance and preparedness (.pdf)
PH and RS manual lessons on self-reliance (.pdf)
Skills and Talents Survey Forms (.pdf)
The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance (.pdf)
Personal and Family Preparedness Goal Sheet (.pdf)
Self-Reliance Assessment Form (.pdf)
Personal and Family Preparedness Standards and Goals (.pdf)
Eight Financial Principles (.pdf)

Emergency Preparedness Handbook R1 (.pdf)(27Mb)